With infancy being such an influential stage of life; our curriculum is based upon important developmental areas, to give the highest quality of learning experience possible for each infant. All lesson plans are specifically planned out to promote cognitive, gross/fine motor, language, and social/emotional skills. Each monthly lesson plan is carefully thought out by our lead infant teacher detailing exactly what they will be doing to help your child develop these important skills under the chosen lesson theme.  

Teacher and infant relationship building is extremely essential and important to establish. In order to achieve the positive and trusting relationship  several things are done; daily one on one time with each child, held during all bottle feeds, positive communication,  along with providing a nurturing and loving atmosphere. These are all actions done to make sure each infant feels nurtured, safe and in a positive, trusting relationship with each teacher. This is important to acquire for the best possible learning environment.      

Infant Programs

(6 weeks - 12 months)



Toys/ Learning Materials


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The curriculum for the Rugrats classroom follows basic themes to expose and teach the kids about their world and surroundings, and necessary concepts. Themes will change every 1-2 weeks. Lesson plans are always posted outside of the classroom with details on specific activities, toys or materials used in each learning area, such as Dramatic play, art, gross/fine motor, manipulatives and more, to explore their assigned theme.

The Rugrats have a set, daily routine that they follow very close to ensure a stabile and predicable environment for the children to thrive off of. Although the times for meals, nap and diapering are the same as the mobile infant classroom. Diapering is done every 2 hours and as needed. A major portion of their morning is spend doing circle time, centers and crafts.       

There is a plethora of toys in which we offer the infants each day. Some of the things we offer are: Soft plush animals, cloth books for reading, rattles for making lots of noise, push and pull toys (for when the infant begins mobility), Jumperoo for individual bouncing, soft mat on the floor for infants to enjoy their tummy time, teething toys (cold, and also non cold teethers), rubber building blocks, and other squishy toys!

Cleaning is done on a daily basis. A strict cleaning routine is followed in the Lil’ Sprouts room. Hard Toys, cribs and other hard surfaces are washed and sanitized daily, as well as soft toys are laundered twice per week  along with bed sheets, wash rags, towels, bibs, and burp cloths. All crib sheets are changes as needed and are pulled at the end of each day. Floors are swept and mopped multiple times a day and kept free of clutter when possible.

The best way for a child to learn is through play! While the toys are fun for children, they are also tools that help to teach! We provide a variety of toys to help children develop important everyday skills that they will use as they get older. Our skill building toys are grouped into centers, and available for the children throughout the day. Certain toys are always available, and others are changed out each month so that the kids don’t get bored or lose interest. Books, dramatic play items, fine motor/gross motor materials, blocks, and musical instruments are always readily available to the children! 


Toys/ Learning Materials

 Lil' Sprouts  

 "Infant" describes any child under the age of 24 months. 

(12 - 24 months)

Each Infant has their own individual schedule unique to themselves, which we try to accommodate as best as possible. As our infants grow and start eating baby food we strive to achieve something more routine. The routine will also help when the child transitions into the one year old classroom.
Each Infant's unique schedule is posted in the classroom and updated when needed. Daily activity such as feeds (past and future), diapering (past and future), and naps are recorded on the white dry erase board, in the classroom. Daily activities is also copied onto a daily email that is sent to parents (paper copies can be done upon request).



Handwashing is done many times throughout the day for staff and children. Staff will wash their hands before and after each diaper change, clean the changing table with soapy water then sanitize with H2Orange Sanitizer between each child. Gloves are worn at all times when changing BM(bowel movement) diapers and when apply diaper cream. (New gloves are worn each change). Toys, surfaces, and the bathroom are cleaned and sanitized several times a day.