Hours of Operation:


Little Clippers hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6:30 am - 6:00 pm, 12 months a year. Standard Holidays observed by Little Clippers are:

New Year´s Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Little Clippers Centers are licensed for specific hours of operation, early arrival and late pick-up cannot be allowed.

If children are left at the Center after closing time and no word is received from the parent(s), or an emergency contact cannot be reached, authorities will be contacted.


We have 6 main groups of children at Little Clippers:

- The Lil’ Sprouts 1 & 2 are children ages 6 weeks to 12 months.
- The Rugrats are children ages 12 months to age 2.
- The Super Tots are children ages 2 to age 3.
- The Creators are children ages 3 to age 5.
- The Voluntary Preschool are children 4 years of age.

- School-age are children ages 5 to age 12.


Little Clippers is responsible for ensuring the safety of children at the center and preventing harm by being proactive and diligent in supervising not only the children, but other people present at the facility.

Any person in the center who is not an owner, staff member, substitute, or subcontracted staff or volunteer who has not had a record check and approval to be involved with child care shall not have "unrestricted access" to children for whom that person is not the parent, guardian, or custodian, nor be counted in the staff to child ratio. Center staff will approach anyone who is on the property of the center without their knowledge to ask what their purpose is. If staff are unsure about the reason they will contact their Director or Site Supervisor.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the first five years of life are the most important in a child's development and learning. So we developed a program that will encourage children to learn at this important time of his or her life. Our age-based curriculum features a full day of developmentally appropriate and fun activities where children will develop socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Our weekly lesson plans will change approximately every week and they typically rotate around the calendar. The activities that are chosen are open ended, which means they grow with the level of the individual child. The infants and toddler rooms will have age appropriate activities that allow them to explore and learn through play.

About Us


We would love to see you! Come on in and visit! Little Clippers encourages all parents to drop in and visit the center whenever possible during our hours of operation!

The only exception to this policy is if there is a no contact order in effect. A copy of this order must be on file at the center.

Parents are always welcome to accompany us on field trips or special activities. All visitors are supervised by Lead Teachers and Assistants and are not allowed under any circumstances to be left unattended with children.

Healthy Environment

Little Clippers provides a healthy learning environment for children through appropriate hygiene, sanitation, and disinfecting methods. We understand that keeping objects and surfaces clean and free of disease causing germs is an important part of the daily routine in the child care environment. 

Children are most successful in a safe and healthy environment. Our rigorous cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting routine ensures our space is just that. Some examples of this are sweeping and moping of floors, sanitizating and/or disinfecting surfaces, bathrooms, and learning tools. Each classroom has two bottles of a peroxide based disinfectant for cleaning. One is labeled for cleaning eating surfaces and the other is labeled for changing tables and bathrooms. New solution is mixed daily according to the directions on each bottle.


Little Clippers serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. We follow the State of Iowa’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The program is designed to give children a broad experience with food and encourage them to try all food groups with the goal of establishing healthy eating practices that they will carry into adulthood. Little Clippers kitchen staff prepares all of the meals and snacks to meet the CACFP standards.