(24 - 42 months)

We believe in a hands on approach when it comes to learning. Everything we do is a learning experience at this age. Rather the children copy our actions as role models or rather we guide them through activities, either way we are teaching them skills they will need later on in life. From 24 to 36 months in age you will be amazed at just how much your child grows both physically and mentally. Although each child learns at their own pace, there are common milestones in which each two year old will reach such as; using 2-3 word sentences, saying names of friends and toys, stacking 2-4 objects on top of each other, walking up and down stairs steadily, learning to use the toilet/potty training, and many other useful skills.

The Super Tots classroom is specially set up and designed for children two years of age. The toys and shelves are divided into 6 different areas; fine motor, blocks, music, books, hand toys,  dramatic play, and a designated quiet area. All formally set up with readily available learning tools to meet the age appropriate developmental needs of a two year old child.

There is nothing but high quality standards at Little Clippers  when it comes to a healthy and clean learning environment Required daily steps are taken to uphold our very high standards to keep our center sterile, sanitized, fresh, disinfected and organized. The classroom has two bottles of the new top of the line and DHS approved, peroxide based disinfectant for cleaning. One is labeled for cleaning eating surfaces and the other is labeled for changing tables and bathrooms. New solution is mixed daily according to the directions on each bottle.
The changing table is cleaned after each use. All surfaces are sanitized and disinfected daily and as needed throughout the day. Toys and learning materials are cleaned multiple times  throughout the day as well, after use. 

The Super Tots curriculum is designed to promote all the important areas of  early childhood development; cognitive, social/emotional, fine/gross motor,  Language/literacy,  and self-help skills.  Each developmental area is incorporated in the classroom's weekly themed lesson plans that are set up by the lead teacher in the classroom.  

Age appropriate activities, crafts, centers, games, and sensory activities are carefully thought out and planned to allow our toddlers the chance to learn in many different ways. Each week brings new and exciting ways for the toddlers to explore, discover, disguise, observe and investigate the world around them in their unique own way.

Super Tots

Toys/Learning Materials


The Super Tots classroom has a set, routine schedule they abide by. The schedule allows the children comfort in knowing what's up ahead, but still allows flexibility when needed.

Mornings are reserved for Circle Time, Centers, and Group Activities, while afternoons provide more time for active free play. Nap is from 12:00-2:30 and diapering/potty times is done every 3 hours as well as through out the day as needed.


Toddler Program