Early Preschool                 


    - Creators Classroom (3-4 year olds)

Center Based



 - Before & After School Program

 - Summer Program

Our age-based curriculum features a full day of developmentally appropriate and fun activities where children will develop socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Our weekly lesson plans will change approximately every week and they typically rotate around the calendar. The activities that are chosen are open ended, which means they grow with the level of the individual child. The infants and toddler rooms will have age appropriate activities that allow them to explore and learn through play.

Our programs of quality child care are aimed to give a real benefit to your child and family. Our goal is to provide a safe and structured environment for children who need child care services. We will direct and plan a daily program that is developmentally appropriate for all age levels. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to participate in activities that will benefit them socially, physically, emotionally and educationally.



- Super Tots Classroom (24 - 36 months)



    - Lil' Sprouts 1 Classroom (6 weeks - 12 months)

    - Lil' Sprouts 2 Classroom (6 weeks - 12 months)

    - Rugrats Classroom (12 - 24 months)



    - Voluntary Preschool Program (4 year olds)

* Under the direction of CCA Comm. School district