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Voluntary Preschool

(3 - 4 years)

The Creators' schedule is consistent from day to day. The classroom schedule is packed full of many fun and important learning opportunities to enrich each child's unique personalities. Our goal is to provide a stimulating and diverse environment to promote all the necessary learning skills required for your child to thrive developmentally.  

Their mornings consist of breakfast, circle time, centers, large group activities and outside/gym time. While afternoons are spend eating lunch, taking a nap, snack and free play. 

Teachers are very much involved in the children's active play by  asking them open ending questions. While participating in the activity or play it allows the teachers to encourage creativity, new ideas and to use teachable moments for the children to  gain learning experiences and skills.

(4 year olds)

There is nothing but high quality standards at Little Clippers  when it comes to a healthy and clean learning environment Required daily steps are taken to uphold our very high standards to keep our center sterile, sanitized, fresh, disinfected and organized. The classroom has two bottles of the new top of the line and DHS approved, peroxide based disinfectant for cleaning. One is labeled for cleaning eating surfaces and the other is labeled for changing tables and bathrooms. New solution is mixed daily according to the directions on each bottle.
The changing table is cleaned after each use. All surfaces are sanitized and disinfected daily and as needed throughout the day. Toys and learning materials are cleaned multiple times  throughout the day as well, after use.

Preschool Programs 


Toys & Learning Materials

Little Clippers is proud to offer the Voluntary Preschool program at our center. Under the direction of the Clear Creek Amana Community school district, Little Clippers provides for an additional location and option for parents with eligible preschool children.

*** For further details regaring the Voluntary Preschool program with us, please contact the center at 319-545-4033




The Creators will stick close to the same lesson plan themes each week, however, they are subject to change at any time. You can always find the current lesson plan posted at the bottom of the stairs in our classroom. Each lesson plan is carefully thought out to expose and give the children the opportunity to learn in many different ways. Having creative activities and variety of learning options to choice from is the best way we feel children will learn. This way we can accommodate any type of learner your child may be and prepare them for the important school year ahead of them.

Each week the pre-school class is learning and exploring new topics and skills by reading, discussing, exploring through sensory activities and craft/art projects. Their curriculum is designed to prepare them for Kindergarten but to also allow them the opportunity to develop and show  their personalities through play and art activities.  

Each center is set up for different areas of learning. We have a kitchen/dramatic play center, car/action figure center, block center, science/math center, puzzle/manipulatives center, art/writing center, and a reading/quiet center. The age-appropriate toys and materials in each center are switched out often so the children are constantly engaged and gaining important developmental learning skills.

Each day a craft/art project is done along with a writing activity. Our main goal for centers is to aid in the learning process in all areas to prepare them for Kindergarten.